The Ebba Singers - Home page.
The Ebba Singers, Epsom, Surrey, England.
The Ebba Singers - Home page.
Ebba Singers Home page.
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THE EBBA SINGERS are a flexible singing group specialising in Weddings, Funerals,
Requiems and Memorial Services in any Christian church.
We are based in Epsom,
but willing to travel up to 20-25 miles.

The minimum number of singers is 10 (4 sopranos, 2 contraltos, 2 tenors and 2 basses), which is usually sufficient for most churches. We can offer 6 singers, but only for the cemetery chapel or crematorium.

We are happy to work with the local organist, where practicable, or we can bring an
organist with us.

The cost for the minimum group and conductor is currently around £400. We can quote for a larger group as necessary.

A demonstration CD is available on request.

All enquiries should be made to:

Tel: 01372 740860

Contact can be made anytime and a reply will always be forthcoming,
usually within 24 hours.

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